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Tel Aviv Institute's Top 100 Influential Jews for the Jewish Year 5782 (2021-22)

While many different Jewish and Israeli media companies produced
lists of influential Jews over the past year, this list is unique in that it features top Jewish voices and leaders from around the world, as well as many social media influencers that TLVi has & continues to work with in their efforts to uplift Jews online.


Your Jewish Life Podcast

In this episode, Karen sits down with Aly Silverberg, the queen of Jewish relatability. As the founder of @jewishgirlprobs, Aly shares all about her journey as one of the founding figures of Jewish Instagram, chatting about the connection between Jewish humor and Jewish survival, the art of the meme, the importance of owning your Jewish identity – and so much more!


Middle Ground: Orthodox vs Secular Jews 

The popular Jubilee YouTube channel hosts 3 "secular" and 3 Orthodox Jews to discuss controversial topics, questions, and opinions in an episode of their series Middle Ground.


Meet The Jews with Queen's Hillel

Meet the Jews is a new weekly live interview show on Queens Hillel’s Instagram account. Each week they go live and have a conversation with another member of the Tribe. Their goal is to showcase the incredible diversity and dynamism within the Jewish people.

Identity: Religious Satire Feat. Aly Silverberg

FYID NYC's Identity Podcast presents its latest episode Religious Satire featuring Aly Silverberg which dives into the world of religious humor. Hosts Tarik and Caleb welcome Aly, the creator of Jewish Girl Probs on Instagram, as they discuss Judaism, antisemitism, and the inner-workings of running an Instagram account!


The Weekly Kvetch: Podcast by MSU Hillel

"Come and listen to Episode 5 as we interview the Jewish meme and Kvetch queen Aly Silverberg, admin of the popular meme account @jewishgirlprobs on Instagram about the origins of the account and Jewish memes!"


Behind 'Jewish Girl Problems' with Aly Silverberg

From TC Jewfolk's Podcast "The Jews Are Tired"

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 8.58.29 AM.png

The Best Jewish Internet Moments of 5779

Winner of Best Jewish Meme Account

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.24.13 PM.png

Meet the Women Behind Your Favorite Jewish Meme Accounts

By: Emily Burack for Alma 


Insta sensation brings Jews from all over together in online community

By: Katie Silver for the STL Jewish Light


Jumans 2018: Meet Aly Silverberg

By: Adina Samuels for The House

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